Quickstart Guide


Install openclimate using pip.

# for latest release
pip install openclimate

# for bleeding-edge up-to-date commit
pip install -e git+https://github.com/Open-Earth-Foundation/OpenClimate-pyclient.git

Once installed, import the package and create a Client() object.

from openclimate import Client
client = Client()

# if using jupyter or iPython


You need to run client.jupyter for the client package to work properly in Jupyter or iPython.


Retrieve all emissions data for a single actor. Here I am retrieving emissions data for Canada

df = client.emissions(actor_id='CA')

Retrieve all emissions data for a list of actors. Here I am retrieving emission data for the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

df = client.emissions(actor_id=['US','CA','GB'])

Return the different datasets available for a particular actor:

df = client.emissions_datasets(actor_id='US')

Only select data for a particular dataset

df = client.emissions_datasets(actor_id='US', datasource_id='GCB2022:national_fossil_emissions:v1.0')


Retrieve emissions targets for a particule actor

df = client.targets(actor_id='US')


Retrieve population data.

df = client.population(actor_id=['US','CA','GB'])


Retrieve GDP data.

df = client.gdp(actor_id=['US','CA','GB'])

Searching for codes

use the following to list the actor_ids for countries:

df = client.country_codes()

search for actor codes:

df = client.search(query='Minnesota')

get all the parts of an actor. Here I am returning the actor_id for each US state.

df =client.parts(actor_id='US',part_type='adm1')